Meet your Robe Maker…

On one occasion I was volunteering in a Kadampa Meditation Centre. I came across a monk who failed to find someone to repair his robe or make a new one. Deeply saddened by this situation I made a little wish and decided to become a qualified robe maker.

Having received trainings in Madhyamaka Kadampa Meditation Centre for four years since 2016, I started to offer robe making services for the ordained. Because everything started from my house, situated next to a priory ruins, hence the name “The Priory Robes” came about. To share this beautiful Pureland-like surroundings with you, different aspects of this area are also captured and presented here.

The Priory Robes is here to make well-fitted, good quality and long-lasting robes; but still keeping the essential details of the Je Tsongkhapa tradition. Personally, the robe making process is a very good way to put Dharma into practice. As time goes by, I slowly appreciate what I could learn from the process and feel really honoured to be one of the robe makers.